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Basic Definitions

  • Quota - The goal/target that a sales person must reach by the end of a specific time period (monthly, quarterly, or yearly).
  • Quota Attainment % - The % of where a sales person falls in reaching their quota. In other words, if a sales person is at 50% quota attainment, he/she has closed 50% of the number required to hit their quota.
  • Accelerator Rate - Also known as a tiered commision structure. Many companies in SaaS sales will have higher rates for reaching a certain % goal above quota. Let's say that the company will pay you at a rate of 1x when you hit 100% of your quota or below. And they will pay you 1.5x for anything you close between 100%-150% above your quota. The sales person will make more money per dollar for anything closed above their quota with the higher rate.
  • OTE - OTE which stands for On-Target Earnings is the money you can expect to make if you hit 100% of your quota.
  • Base Salary - Guaranteed salary that you will make even if you hit 0% of your quota.

Lookup Exact Quota Number

Input a number in the field "Lookup Exact Quota Number" to project how much you will make based on the amount you close.


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